How to Make a Photo a Little Bit More Attractive

Even despite the opportunity to upload literally any photo to social media, people are doing their best in order to create the best possible image. But the problem is, not every internet user is acknowledged of how to make a professional image. This is why so many people are using dedicated software that allows them to add fake breast cleavage or create other special effects that will make the picture look weird, yet fascinating.

There are a couple of simple tips that can be used in order to become a pretty competent photographer. It does not require too much effort for people to make a photo look at least a couple of percent better.

Simple Things That Make Picture Look Good

People who have at least some kind of experience with taking attractive, modest photography, it is possible that they are familiar with all of the following tips:

  • The main object of the photo. When you take a photo, you set yourself the goal of capturing a specific object or several objects. It is he who should take such a position. So that the viewer can immediately understand why/whom the picture was taken for. To do this, choose a simple background that does not distract attention with unnecessary details from the central object, or bring the camera closer to it so that it takes up more space than all other elements of the frame.
  • The golden ratio. It is believed that if the object is not located directly in the center, but slightly offset, then it will look more harmonious and attract attention faster. You can determine the golden section as follows: you need to imagine a frame in the form of a grid of 9 parts (3 in width and 3 in height), and then place the key element at the intersection points of the grid lines or along them. For example, when shooting a landscape, you need to place the sky in the upper third of the photo, and everything else in the lower two-thirds of the image. Or vice versa, depending on whether you emphasize the landscape or the colors of the sky. Another variety of the “golden ratio” is the principle of placing an object along intersecting diagonal lines. This rule uses a basic property of the human eye — the habit of looking at images diagonally. It is believed that a diagonal composition with the direction from the lower left corner to the upper right corner is calmer, and from the lower right to the upper left is more dynamic.
  • Proper shooting point. The point where the photographer stands. It has three components: the distance to the object, the direction, and the height of the shooting.

Street fashion is one of the most popular categories in fashion photography. It is also an easy way to develop a skill and make an attractive image. It is possible thanks to the good decorations of the city. By regularly practicing street fashion photography, people can master the techniques of composition, learn how to work with difficult lighting conditions, and find a common language with people.

Look For The Theme of The Photo

To make a better photo, it is important to find a good theme that will reveal the potential of the person in the photograph and the objects located nearby. Many people are probably familiar with the concept of natural framing. A good example of such an artistic technique is a photo of a window with a view of the sea. In this case, the window frame creates an additional frame in your image and gives the effect of depth.

An interesting artistic effect can be obtained by using branches and leaves, mirrors, blinds, fences, sunglasses, bracelets, and much more as a frame. Choose subjects that illustrate or emphasize the idea embodied in the photo. For example, the home clothes of the quarantine period can be demonstrated with the help of pictures taken from the outside through the window in the living room. It is possible to find good scenery for the image literally anywhere. Even while going through the streets of the city. Small photographic errors can always be corrected using an editor on a computer or smartphone.

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