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In this modern era, most people prefer to play fighting games and many platforms have been created. The Mobile Legend Creators Camp has given the game a popular role and created a unique platform for all content producers to create high-quality MLBB content. Moreover, this site is known as an MLBB Creator Camp that provides the best resources, tips, guides, and tools from the largest sources. Below you can understand the creator of MLBB Creator Camp and its process.

What is MLBB Creator Camp?

MLBB Creator Camp is a platform that helps and guides content creators by making it easy for them to achieve what they need. If you are creative and willing to research and produce content. Then MLBB’s creative camp will allow you to showcase your skills and talents. That is why this team is very popular because it consists only of players. Moreover, this MLBB Creative Camp network is spread all over the world and welcomes you with comics, memes, and other artistic resources. If you like it, you should consider joining the team.

Tips for joining the Moving Legends Creator Camp

Here are the basic requirements to join the Mobile Legend Creator Community:

  • It’s fun to play a moving legend
  • Have a channel on social media platforms
  • Love and learn to create your heart

If you think you have the above features, you can access the site and its official discords server. You can get started by filling in a questionnaire and sending it in. On the other hand, the community does not always accept applicants, so you should do what you can if you are open to new apps.

Once you complete the application, you must complete the mission every week and receive a reward. Sending the liver will give you a diamond and the number of diamonds will also increase depending on how you work. Every week more and more tours are rewarded and evaluated based on your creativity, style, and audience.

How to get diamonds with a moving legend

It is difficult to get diamonds from moving legends because they are a valuable currency. But here are a few ways to help you figure out their tactics.

Happy rotation

In the photo section of the store, you can participate in a lucky round that will help you get more skin. Then you can save the hero’s skin by selling luck because that’s the best way to save diamonds.


Even if you participate in a high-stakes competition and are a good player, you have a good chance of getting a diamond. For example, Moonton took part in the diamond competition for the main prize.


You can get more diamonds by sending moving legends by receiving player gifts. This gift can include floral diamonds, jewelry diamonds, airplane diamonds, sail diamonds, and lattice diamonds. And this is the most effective way to get free moving diamond legends.

Benefits of using MLBB

List of benefits you can get at the camp entrance:

  • Brand Partnership
  • An official mobile legend guide to managing social network pages
  • Advertising is propaganda
  • Collaborate with famous MLBB Creator Camp
  • Have more skin
  • Create a cooperative community for creators
  • You can win a diamond award every week
  • Visit the official game brand
  • Get more offline action
  • You have a game profile
  • Server boundaries and licenses are well developed
  • The monthly diamond pays off for content creators who get the best results
  • The content will be featured on the official MLBB social media page.

Technical Benefits of MLBB Creator Camp

Even newbies will join the Legends mobile content creation team, backed by a qualified technical guide. In addition, it helps to create and edit videos and make sketches, so these instructions are used to remove branded content.


Finally, realize your potential to embark on your adventure and become a content creator with determination. So, from the above, you can understand the field of MLBB creators and the steps to join.

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