What game shooters can bring the feeling of a real battle

Sometimes you just want to take a break from the daily routine and immerse yourself in the game world. Someone chooses strategy and session games, some like sports and simulations, and most of the players choose online or single-player shooters.

Shooters provide a sense of action, a sense of contribution to success and victory over the enemy, and convey the feeling of soldiers from fighting without having to go to war or be in it themselves to gain this experience.

Shooters are:

  • Online
  • Action
  • Realistic simulations
  • Arcade

Online shooters

One of the most striking examples is Destiny 2. A project from Bangie Studios, which will offer the player to choose one of three classes and go to conquer space in the distant future, where humanity is threatened by an alien invasion, which must be reflected in cooperation with other players under the guidance of global commanders and gradually explore space and conquer other planets and satellites – the Moon, Neptune.

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In Destiny 2, you will play as a soldier who will engage in combat with opponents on the battlefields, raids and boss battles, a contract system and the destruction of specific enemies and battles with other players in PVP modes to get improved equipment and weapons.


Such shooters bring a lot of action and activity to the game process, immersing the player in the role of an action hero, who finds himself in the very epicenter of events and battles, and it is he who has a decisive influence on the course of hostilities.

Call of Duty

This is many military shooters that cover different time periods and allows the player to experience all the hardships of heavy fighting during the Second World War, local conflicts during the Cold War and the projection of the global conflict and the representation of how the Third World War would have taken place through the eyes of American soldiers and special forces.


Realistic simulations

This is a kind of military shooters of increased complexity and level of realism. Such projects are created by professionals to give players the opportunity to fully experience all the difficulties and nuances of military affairs during special operations and military conflicts.

A good example is Escape from Tarkov, a project that, within the framework of a fictional military conflict, sends the player into combat encounters with an enemy PMC with realistic combat mechanics and hits, injuries and deaths in a combat environment.

Such simulators are not suitable for everyone, since you can simply die from one hit at the very end of the combat mission, but this adds realism to the project.

In Escape from Tarkov, you need to be careful, move in compliance with all the principles of tactics and methods of combat coordination with your squad, use shelters and cover your comrades in order to prevent losses among the soldiers and the loss of valuable equipment as much as possible.

When shooting, the realistic ballistics of the bullet is taken into account – this means that when fired, the bullet will not fly perfectly smoothly and hit the point selected in the sight, but will have a true deviation, taking into account the laws of physics and ballistics.

This means aiming higher, controlling recoil and taking into account the growth pattern of the enemy being fired upon. Fortunately, the game has a lot of aids and accessories to make shooting easier – collimators, sights, a barrel stabilization knob, and so on.

In such games, it is important to act together, coordinate your movements, move with control points and take advantageous positions, you need to be prepared for ambushes and be able to create them yourself.

Your battle group independently obtains weapons and ammunition, body armor and a helmet. This means that you will have to make dangerous sorties full of bandits and representatives of enemy PMCs, but confident and well-coordinated teamwork will bring you a lot of pleasure from the tactical game of Escape from Tarkov.



Arcade shooters also rely on action and do not require players to follow the rigid laws of physics and greatly simplify the mechanics of movement and shooting. In arcade projects, a character with full combat equipment can jump around the map, which, of course, is complete nonsense in real conditions.

A good representative of the arcade shooter is Apex Legends. A very colorful shooter with agent mechanics and a rating system, searching for weapons and ammo – the player or team that survives at the very end of the confrontation wins.

In games of the battle royale genre, whether it’s an arcade or a simulator, map control, shooting, the ability to play in a team and the luck of finding points with the best equipment and boosters play an important role.

You need to immediately discuss with the team the points of your landing and gradually implement your survival plan until the bulk of the players kill each other.

You should study in advance all the features of each agent and the potential role in the team. A good specialist will help the squad better enter the battle, monitor the movement of opponents, get healing and ammunition.

The first agent you should pay attention to is Lifelane.

This is a full-fledged combat orderly and a master of drone control. She can use drones to generate health packs for the entire squad and lift a fallen ally with her drone instead of her hands, while retaining the potential to fire and defend her positions.

Octane is a combat robot that retains his health regeneration potential whenever he is not taking damage. This is a great role for a tank in a squad, the main thing is not to get carried away and leave a gap for healing, and not bring you to a situation where you need to be picked up.



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