Cuelu: Cuelu Reviews Is Legal?

Do you believe in traditional medicine? Want to try new ways to improve your skin? You are probably familiar with the Cuelu website that offers such a tool. However, you do not know if this is true.

The portal has raised suspicions of Is Cuelu Scam among online shoppers in the United States, Canada and Australia. This article provides complete information about the legitimacy and legitimacy of this site.

Is Cuelu legal?

Website age- very soon, just a few days left to become real.
Website trust score- 1% This falls into the “Very Bad Trust Score” category.
No owner or contact information – No owner information, contact phone number or address. This is evident from the results of the Cuelu study.
Customer Reviews- All reviews are rated 5 stars and are one-sided. Some research started before the portal was created.
There is no connection to the social network- This site is not connected to any social media platform.
Wrong political terms – Political content has been copied from another site because it contains terms such as Unauthentic Policy Terms- That the site creators forgot to add and fold.
Malware found- Our internet search has found a malicious virus used on this site.
To learn more about the authenticity of this portal, please read and send your questions.

What is Cuelu?

The online e-commerce website Cuelu, which sells skin care products, is Gua Shaga, based on ancient Chinese medicine. These treatments involve rubbing with a stone-like tool to improve the appearance of the skin. Cuelu Gua Sha sells face lifting equipment and face smoothing rollers.

More Explained:

  • Type- Portaltipo is an e-commerce platform that sells products based on traditional medicine.
  • Kero portal –
  • Email ID –
  • Optional Filter- The information lost in the conflict will help you choose the Is cuelu scam
  • Optional – available
  • Choosing a filter – impossible
  • Product price – default is USD, but can be changed to CAD, INR or GBP, AUD, EUR.
  • Conditions – specified
  • Policy- As stated in the Privacy Policy
  • Payment policy – Unclear
  • Payment methods: Visa, Master debit, credit card
  • Refund Policy – $ 10 will be refunded within 30 days of delivery


This portal does not have the best features, but there is some information on the use of skin healing stones in the “Guide” section.


Shopping on this portal has many disadvantages that confirm the assumption that Cuello is a scammer. The following is a list of similar items.

Both products can be purchased at the same price.

  • The reduction eliminates the total cost of the product. Delivery costs are still paid.
  • The return policy means that certain items, such as flowers and drinks, cannot be returned. So they don’t deal with these products.
  • At the bottom of this page, you will notice that no rights are granted.
  • It is also dangerous to trust this portal due to lack of trust and age.
  • The following initial images used for product analysis appear to have been updated.
  • Learn more about the Cuelu Review
  • Quora and Trustpilot did not mention Reddit, Amazon, Trustpilot, Reddit, or Quora Cuelu. This shows that the internet market has no reputation and no trust.

Of course

All the information we have collected makes it clear that this site is not secure. No need to order products through this portal. Credit card fraud can be stopped. We hope this article helps answer the question of whether cuelu is a scam.

Are you satisfied with the survey? Want to know more about this site? Leave a comment below.

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