Four Signs that Your Website Could Benefit from an Upgrade

Even the most well-engineered websites will require a bit of attention from time to time. Not only might this be due to issues related to e-commerce such as new product launches or promotions, but technical faults can easily lead to a loss in revenue. The only potential problem is that it can be challenging to know when such an upgrade is needed. Let’s take a look at four scenarios which could dictate that more attention is required.


Pages Fail to Load Properly on Mobile Devices

It is critical to develop a mobile-responsive website due to the fact that many consumers now rely upon smart devices when performing everyday transactions. Unfortunately, some portals may not automatically be compatible with iOS and Android systems. This is when third-party software can prove to be a godsend. The ecommerce website builder from IONOS is yet one example of a system which provides users with a literal one-stop-shop for all things related to the online retail sector. As mobile responsiveness is included as a standard feature, catering to an on-the-go audience has never been easier. 

Sluggish Inbound Traffic

Has your site been suffering from a lack of inbound hits? This is yet another common signal that a problem exists. One primary culprit involves outdated SEO techniques. We need to remember that major search engines such as Google place a great deal of weight upon so-called “white hat” SEO practices. Make certain that your site is in agreement with the latest rules and that you have not unintentionally committed any violations (such as keyword stuffing). 

Visitors do Not Convert Into Customers

This is a rather odd scenario and yet, it can prove to be a costly one. What can you do in the event that your site enjoys high clickthrough rates and yet, relatively few visitors take further action? One possibility involves the lack of visible calls to action (CTAs) throughout your portal. Here are some examples of effective CTAs:

  • Click here to confirm your purchase.
  • Contact a representative to learn more.
  • Be sure to register today!
  • Fill out this form and a representative will be in contact.

Ideally, a CTA should be available on every page of your website (including the homepage). 

Blind Redirects or Suspicious Ads

E-commerce sites are extremely attractive targets to hackers and other nefarious entities. If your website has become infected, proprietary data such as client details could very well be placed in jeopardy. In the event that you notice strange banner ads, links that lead to unrelated sites, numerous popups, or suspicious posts, you might have fallen victim. This is why it is always important to use a quality antivirus program. This software will automatically detect for the presence of viruses and if one happens to be found, it can be eliminated before real damage is done. 

Website upgrade

A (Digital) Apple a Day

The best way to guarantee that your e-commerce website functions as it should involves regular check and performing upgrades as soon as they are warranted. After all, foresight is one of the keys to success. 

Adnan Mujic

I am a committed and seasoned content creator with expertise in the realms of technology, marketing, and WordPress. My initial foray into the world of WordPress occurred during my time at WebFactory Ltd, and my involvement in this field continues to grow. Armed with a solid background in electrical engineering and IT, coupled with a fervor for making technology accessible to the masses, my goal is to connect intricate technical ideas with approachable and captivating content.

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