The Only 3 S’s You Need To Find the Perfect TV Stand

A flat-screen TV is a purchase you want to display proudly in your living room. But, having a good TV without a proper stand can change everything in a second.

While it is easy to overlook the importance of a good discount on tv stands, the right one will provide optimal support and security for your television while also adding a touch of style to your entertainment room.

However, there are as many television stands as there are televisions. So, how can you find a match?


First things first: measure your TV.

The ads or label may say that it’s a 55-inch TV, but you still need to measure it yourself to determine if it’s smaller or bigger than what you thought it to be.

The reason is that TV lengths on advertised ones are measured diagonally. So, remember.

With the use of a measuring tape, measure the width of your television from the left to the right edge of the frame. Then, note it and refer to it when looking for a stand.

You can also contact the manufacturer or visit the manufacturer’s website to obtain all the exact information you want.

When it comes to the height of the stand, make sure that the screen’s center is placed at or below the average viewer’s sightline.

Remember that mounting a large television on a stand the same size as or smaller than the television’s frame is unsafe. So, only purchase the right TV stand size to ensure that your television is stable and comfortable to watch.


Now that you’re over with sizes, the next step is to pick a style. With many TV stand manufacturers today, you can be sure that you’ll exactly have the design you want.

When selecting a stand, look for one that is aesthetically pleasing and complements your room’s current décor and theme.

You don’t want a TV stand unit that contrasts sharply with your sofa, draperies, or wall. Instead, your unit’s material and style should complement the rest of your room’s aura.

Of course, the material used to construct your stand will not only affect its appearance but will also affect its durability. When it comes to selecting the ideal TV stand, quality is just as important as appearance.

Overall, along with your home’s interior design, style, and colors, you also need to harmonize the sturdy body and surface during the selection process.


The shelves are often the last thing you’ll notice when there’s a discount on tv stands. But, it’s one of the most important aspects of a TV stand.

If you have a lot of electronics connected to your television, make sure your TV stand has enough storage space to accommodate them.

Because many of these devices, especially gaming consoles, are prone to overheating, it’s best to find stands with open shelving with plenty of ventilation rather than inside a closed cabinet where heat can accumulate.

So, before shopping, make a list of all the devices you will need space for to ensure that you have the right type of shelving and enough space to avoid the room looking crowded.

If you recently purchased a high-end LED television, it’s time to get a matching LED television stand. But, while there are a lot of TV stands you can choose from on the market, it’s still important to have your due diligence and have a thorough assessment.

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