Top Tips on Buying a Hat That Suits the Shape of Your Face and Body

Many people are under the impression that while you should buy a hat style you like, it will look good on you regardless of your facial and bodily features. However, since different people have varying sizes and shapes of the face and the body, it can be productive to choose a hat that highlights your best features and compensates for the deficiencies. Some handy tips that will make your next hat buying experience more fulfilling:

Hats for Big Men

If you have a large frame, wearing a hat with a narrow crown and a short brim can make you look bigger, which you want to avoid. If you choose a large hat, it will look more proportionate and draw away attention from your body. Try to buy a hat with a medium-height crown with a pinch that avoids giving you a pointy look. The pinch, preferably, should be towards the side, not the middle, to give your fuller body a more harmonious look. If you want to snap the brim, opt for a deep snap by pulling it down to suit your silhouette. Choose a wide brim at least two and a half inches wide. If you like hatbands, choose something that is wide and does not contrast too much with the colour of the hat. Fedoras and Homburgs generally suit large men better. According to Hat Realm, the design of the crown differentiates a fedora from a homburg.

Hats for Short Men

When you are short, it is better to avoid a wide crown and opt for a hat with a pinched crown, as it will make you look better. It can help to have a hatband in a contrasting colour. It is better not to snap back the brim and have it facing up because it gives the impression of more height. It pays to buy a hat with a narrow brim, not a wide brim. A high crown with a pinch works well to accentuate your height. You will want a short brim, but if it is too narrow and the crown is low, it can make you look boyish, which is avoidable. You should always choose a high crown and a narrow brim with a curl for the best effect.

Hats for Tall Men

Because you are already tall, you should not choose a hat with a tall crown because you don’t want to look taller. Choose a low or a medium crown to create a good impact. By choosing a narrower brim and also tilting the hat to one side, you will achieve a more proportional and elegant look. If you are interested in a hatband, make sure it contrasts with the colour of the hat. Rattlesnake cowboy hat bands, though a little expensive, can add flair to your personality like nothing else. You should appreciate that wearing a tall crown and a hatband of the same colour will make you look taller since the eye of the viewer will not have anything to focus on. 

Hats for Men with Big Noses

If you have a relatively large nose, you will need to focus on the width of the hat’s brim to keep things under control. A brim of at least two and a half inches should be ideal, but you may need to experiment a little to find out what suits you. If you are willing to have a hat custom-designed for you, you can choose a brim wider in the front than at the back. You will also want a brim that snaps down, not rolled up, and instead of a sharp pinch, you should choose something a little wider. Do not buy a hat with a narrow brim either snapped up or down because your nose will look bigger.

Hats for Men with Receding Chins

Even though you cannot buy a hat that will assist your chin to disappear, a carefully-chosen one will lend harmony to your appearance. You must avoid hats extreme in design and go with one with a medium crown that does not have too pointy a pinch, but at the same time, it should not be round. A medium-wide brim works the best, especially when the front is snapped up. However, you must not snap up the brim too much as it will detract from your looks. Tilting the hat to one side a little bit can flatter the shape of your face. It helps to avoid wearing a large hat with a full crown because it highlights the receding chin.


The guidelines mentioned above are not cast in stone. It is important for you to critically evaluate your body size and facial structure and then try out various hat styles to discover what suits you the best. Even though personal perceptions and preferences will influence your choice, you will likely find a hat by keeping in mind the things discussed here.

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