7 Tips for Making a Great New Logo


Designing a logo for your new business or product is an exciting but daunting task. It needs to capture the very essence of what you are offering, while also making a statement that stands out from the competition. The right logo can help make your brand recognizable and synonymous with quality and success. With these seven tips, you will be able to create the best new logo for your business.

Research and gather ideas

1. Research and Gather Ideas

Creating a great logo for a company or brand is an essential part of the marketing process, as it gives customers and potential customers an easy way to identify the products and services offered. Researching and gathering ideas for logos can be difficult, but with a few simple steps, you can create an effective logo that will help your business stand out from the crowd. To start your research process, begin by looking at similar businesses in your industry and what logos they have used. This will help give you some ideas of what kind of style and color scheme might work best for your logo design. Additionally, explore websites such as Pinterest or Behance to find inspiration in existing designs.

3. Understand Typography

Typography plays a significant role in logo design. It is the text-based element of a logo that conveys brand messaging and creates an emotional connection with the viewer. Understanding typography principles can help designers create effective logos that embody brand values and stand out from competitors. The perfect typeface for any logo needs to be easily legible, fit with the visual style of the design, and support your message without detracting from it. Before selecting a font, consider what impression you want to make on viewers, as well as how it will work within your logo design aesthetics. Understand its legibility in all sizes since logos are often scaled down or enlarged for various uses.

Think about the context

4. Think About the Context

When it comes to a great logo, context is key. You could have an eye-catching design, but if it’s not relevant, your logo won’t be effective in representing your brand. It’s important to think about the bigger picture when designing a logo: What message will this logo send? Who is my target audience? How will people see and interpret it? Context can determine whether or not you should go for something bold and modern or classic and timeless. Your color choices are equally important–you don’t want to use colors that don’t match up with the public perception of your brand. Additionally, you need to consider how adaptable the logo will be across multiple platforms: print materials, digital media, apparel…the list goes on. Ultimately, a successful logo relies on how well its context is taken into account.

5. Choose an Appropriate Shape

An eye-catching logo is essential for any business to make a statement and capture its target audience’s attention. With so many shapes to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one best fits your company’s message. To create an effective logo, you must consider the colors, design, size, and font of the shape you select. It’s important to select a shape that complements your brand and stands out amongst competitors. When selecting a shape for your logo, ask yourself if it will fit with the vibe and purpose of your brand. For example, if you have a bold and modern brand identity then using sharp edges or geometric shapes can emphasize this style.

6. Keep it Simple

Creating a great logo doesn’t have to be complicated. Keeping it simple is key for designing an effective logo that can represent your business or organization. It’s important to remember that when it comes to logos, less is more. The most successful logos are simple and memorable. A complex design will often confuse and may not be remembered by potential customers or clients. When creating a logo, it’s best to keep in mind the purpose of the logo and the message you are trying to convey with it. Aim for something timeless yet recognizable so that your brand can stay relevant in years to come. Simplicity also allows for flexibility when it comes to scaling and resizing your logo across different platforms, such as websites and print materials.

7. Get Feedback

Creating a great logo is an important part of successful branding. People judge your company by its logo, so it’s important to get feedback about its effectiveness. Gaining input from others can help you create something that resonates with your potential customers. For starters, ask friends and family who have experience in the industry for their opinion on your logo design. Friends and family are often brutally honest when providing constructive criticism, which can be a great way to assess if the public will appreciate or reject the design of your logo. If possible, try to get feedback from people within different demographic groups such as age or gender; this will give you a wider range of opinions on whether or not they think it works well and why they feel that way.


Creating a great new logo is essential for any business. Beginning with a brainstorming session, it’s important to thoroughly consider all factors when making a logo. After that, exploring your options, understanding the elements of design, and using the right tools will help create an effective logo. Finally, testing different versions and colors is key for ensuring that the logo looks great in any situation. Designing a simple yet memorable logo is an essential part of creating a strong brand identity for businesses of all sizes.


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