How Proxies Guard Your Anonymity Online

Are you ready to start using a proxy? That’s good.

Using a proxy server can improve your online security, boost your internet speed, and give you access to restricted websites and content. Sounds great, right? Believe it or not, there’s one more advantage that proxy users get to enjoy – complete and unidentifiable anonymity on the internet.

Let’s discuss why we need to stay incognito while browsing and how proxy servers can help us do that. Here’s everything you need to know about online anonymity, the basic mechanisms of proxy servers, and the different levels of obscurity ensured by various types of proxies.

Why it’s important to stay anonymous online

Someone will ask: “Why do you want to be anonymous online if you’re not doing anything wrong?” The answer is simple enough – because that is our human right. Anonymity is not reserved for criminals. On the contrary, we need it to protect ourselves from malicious groups and individuals.


Don’t we all need privacy, even when surrounded by the people we trust?

The internet is our go-to place for everyday solutions, whether we’re ordering groceries, paying our bills, or getting medical advice. A lot of this should stay confidential. You don’t want your neighbors to know how much you spend on your food or that you’ve been diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

Nevertheless, the authorities and internet service providers monitor everything we do.

Of course, they don’t spy on us per se – their systems keep tabs on suspicious activity, which still makes us exposed and vulnerable. The social media apps we used to trust are collecting and selling our data, while websites we visit keep tabs on our whereabouts and follow us with intrusive ads.

What is a proxy server and how does it work?

Luckily, proxy servers can give us some browsing peace and quiet when we need it.

Described simply, a proxy is an intermediary between your device and the internet. Nobody can see your location and track your activity when your proxy is turned on. Depending on the proxy server type and its location, it will appear as if you were browsing from another place.

Proxy Server

That’s because a proxy server hides your IP address and assigns you a different one.

For example, you can’t access HBO Max from the UK because of content licensing rights. If you try to log in, HBO Max will analyze your IP address and determine that you’re located in the UK. However, if you connect via a US proxy, the streaming platform will see a US location and grant you access.

All proxies rely on this simple mechanism regardless of their type or application. Switching IP addresses ensures that requests and traffic from your device cannot be traced back to your physical location. Consequently, no third party can see, track, or collect your data.

The classification of proxies based on anonymity

Based on the level of anonymity they provide, proxies fall under three categories:

Transparent proxies

Transparent proxies don’t keep you anonymous because that’s not what they do. Their purpose is to reroute your traffic through a filter and ensure security. They are commonly used in a corporate setting, where they help employers restrict internet usage and protect company data.

Anonymous proxies

As their name suggests, anonymous proxies provide a fair amount of anonymity, but there’s a catch. When using an anonymous proxy server, the websites you visit cannot identify your location, but they can see that you’re using a proxy server.

Proxy Router

Elite proxy servers

Only elite proxy servers ensure 100% anonymity. As we’ve explained earlier, elite proxies hide your identity using a decoy IP address.

What type of proxy is best for anonymity?

There are many other types of proxy servers in addition to these three, some of which provide higher levels of autonomy than others. Whichever you choose, steer clear from free proxy providers. They offer a low quality of service and security and are often involved in data mining schemes.

Elite or not, the best proxy types for anonymity are:

Residential proxies

The IP addresses used by residential proxies come from real-life devices and internet users, such as you and me. Because internet service providers offer them, they are highly authentic.

Residential Proxy

Rotating proxies

Rotating proxies change your IP address every time you make a request. Not only does this protect your location for a long time, but it also ensures you’re not caught using a proxy server.


If you want to stay anonymous online, you have every right to.

Using a proxy server is the simplest, fastest, and most reliable solution for some of the most challenging problems we face as internet users in 2022. Proxies help us stay responsible and keep our private business to ourselves. They guard us against prying eyes and make us feel safe and free.

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