Tips for Using VoIP Desk Phones

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) desk phones look almost exactly like old-school landlines, but businesses do have to follow different procedures to use them effectively. This can be a little tricky for companies who have not used VoIP desk phones before, so many manufacturers make extensive VoIP desk phone resources available to their clients. However, most companies will be able to utilize VoIP desk phones after learning a few tips.

Read on to learn several tips that will help your company use VoIP desk phones effectively.

Use Ethernet Connections

UTP cables

One of the most important things that you can do when using VoIP desk phones is to utilize wired Internet. Wired internet is not only more reliable than wireless Internet, it is also much faster. The enhanced reliability of wired Internet ensures that your business won’t have problems with calls disconnecting or with poor audio quality. The increased speed of a wired network will allow your company to run more VoIP desk phones at once.

Determine Which Type of VoIP Desk Phones Your Company Needs

There are quite a few different types of VoIP desk phones. However, there are two types that every company needs to choose between. These are VoIP phones designed to be used in conference rooms and phones intended for use in call centers.

VoIP desk phones intended for use in conference rooms will likely have speakers designed to pick up audio from any direction. This will be helpful when there are quite a few people on the call. On the other hand, VoIP phones intended for call centers may be designed to be used with a headset, rather than a handset. This will allow call center employees to use their computers while they’re on the phone.

Calculate How Many You Will Need Beforehand

VoIP phoneSome companies make the mistake of assuming they will need the same number of VoIP desk phones as the number of their old landline phones. However, the number of VoIP phones a call center can run is determined by the number of Ethernet cables the company can set up and the company’s Internet network. It is not determined by the telephone company like the number of landlines would have been.

Turn Off Application Layer Gateway

Application layer gateway (ALG) technology is a router setting that makes most programs faster and safer. However, it can cause dropped calls and other technical problems when used with VoIP. It’s best to simply turn off this feature.

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