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Should You Fix a House with Foundation Issues?


Foundation is probably the most important element of every house and building since it is the main thing that keeps it stable and secure. If the foundation was not laid properly, there can be numerous consequences and structural issues that would seek some costly repairs. It is important to recognize the foundation issues promptly and fix them as soon as they are discovered.

In the continuation of this article, we will show you how to discover if there are some foundation issues within your house and how to fix them in the most efficient and affordable way.

How to Recognize Foundation Issues?


To start with, the foundation is the element of a house that connects it to the ground and transfers loads from the structure to the ground, and it can be shallow or deep. If the foundations were not done properly, there could be some serious damage to both interior and exterior of the house. If you wonder how to recognize foundation issues and suspect a such problem, you can check some common signs.

Firstly, you should check if there are some cracks in the walls and floors and openings around doors and windows, as well. Furthermore, if your doors and windows stick and won’t easily open or close, that could be a possible sign of foundation issues too. You should also look for bowing walls, usually in the basement, or displaced moldings. Moreover, if you have a sinking front porch and doorstep or if your windows and doors are misaligned, you should pay attention to that. Uneven floors, leaning chimneys, and any other kind of displacement could also be important signs of foundation issues.

What Causes Foundation Problems?

When talking about foundations, it is crucial to highlight that there are various types of foundations, such as concrete slabs, concrete masonry, stone, or wood. However, they all have to be laid correctly on the proper type of ground not to be ruined. There are many stressors that can damage your foundations, but some of the most common are the following:

  • Deterioration of the walls – The stem walls that represent the base structure of the house are attached to the foundations. If the walls deteriorate due to the climate, natural disasters, bad maintenance, or poor choice of materials, foundations may suffer too.
  • Water – Water is usually the most common reason for foundation issues. If there is too much moisture, soil can shrink or swell, which would directly affect the foundations and make them move.
  • Weather and time – Foundation settlement can also be affected by the weather (for instance, too much rain) which can cause the shrinking of the soil. After a long period, the soil beneath the foundation can surge up and cause the damages in foundations.
  • Soils – A choice of soil on which the house was built is an important factor that would, later on, result in possible foundation issues. If there is clay soil beneath your house, you should be careful because this type of soil is more likable to expand over time, especially if the temperatures get too high or too low.

What Is the Best Solution?

If you are currently experiencing some of the above and have realized that your house has some foundation issues, you need to make an immediate decision. The worst thing is to ignore the issues and wait for them to expand even more.

Even if you are thinking about selling this house and buying a new one, you should fix the issues. Every potential buyer will first check the house completely and there is a possibility that you will lose a lot of money and that the value of your house will decline if you do not repair it before selling.

The main factor that concerns you is probably the sum of money you will have to single out to fix the foundations. There are different versions and levels of damage, so we cannot tell you how much it will cost. But you should keep in mind that if there are only some minor damages to the foundations, they will not be so expensive to fix. For example, if there are only a few cracks in your walls, you will be able to live in the house normally, even without any repairs, but you know how these things can gradually increase from small ones to very serious ones. Such small issues can still lead to bigger and more dangerous problems like vermin or mold, so it is better to solve the problem while it is still small and prevent such disasters.

How To Fix Foundation Issues?


Now that we have concluded that the best way to go is to fix any possible foundation issues to stay safe and not risk losing the value of your home, we will tell you what the easiest way is to fix your problems and come to the solution.

  1. Look for the possible signs of foundation issues
  2. Have a foundation repair experts do a home inspection
  3. Hire the expert and repair the foundations

As already mentioned, you should check for the most obvious signs of the damage to evaluate how serious it is. The next stop is a home inspection that can be run by a home inspector or other foundation repair expert. Hiring a home inspector is usually not enough because if there are some more serious and less visible issues, there is a chance he won’t be able to recognize them. The repair expert will examine the problem more precisely due to his experience and he will save you some time and money. In addition to that, he will present you with all the possible causes of the structural problems.


Fixing foundation issues is a big project that could cost you a lot, so it is hard to make a decision if it is worth it. As you could have seen, fixing such problems will pay off in the long term, so hire an expert and have it done.

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